Welcome All

Well, let us start at the begining. Mixed Media Mischief Makers was started by Carrie and Heather. They found that what they did was a bit different. They tried several Yahoo groups but found that their work didn't really fit in. So their solution was to start their own group that embraces all forms of Mixed Media Works.

And so their baby was born and has become very diverse. We have members that work in Clay, UTEE, Wire, Beads, Found Objects, Paper, just about anything and everything.

We are currently working on our first Group Challenge, "Wicked" is the theme. We will be adding photos soon, so please check back and see what goodies we have been creating.


Carrie said...

dang it we are supposed to be mischief makers so we start at the end not the beginning sheesh

Daydreamer :) said...

So that's how it happened. Thanks for letting us know, Billie - LOL.
H :)