Our Founding Mom #1-Carrie F. Hill

I was created in a petri dish in an experimental lab in Alabama. I have been
state hopping through
Oklahoma, Texas, Upstate NY, Va, and Tenn in search of alien DNA to increase
the vitality of my brain cells. So far no luck... So I have to rely on high doses of miracle grow for the advancement of my brain cells.(Explains a lot doesn't it)

I am 23 yrs old with 19 years experience. The coroner should have embalmed me
10 years ago, but alas he seems unable to find me. I don't do pictures because
every time I try I wind up invisible in them. Did I mention I don't go out in
daylight much?? I adopted a troll baby who is now full grown and ready to
start a life of lunacy in the world. I enjoy beading, clay, and UTEE (no
that has nothing to do with kidneys). The drs at the hospital say I will be
getting out of the straight jacket any day now ((boy do I have them
fooled)). I married my butler/chaperone/part time maid so that if he quit I
wouldnt have to pay unemployment to him. I tried to chain him to the bed but
he keeps getting free. When I find the person that taught him to pick locks
it wont be pretty.

As of now I spend my time creating and terrorizing the public at will. I also terrorize select Yahoo groups at will and at random. Noone seems to mind much since they are always eager to see what I will come up with next.

As an adult I found my twin Pinky online. We soon discovered she was abducted at the time of mitosis in that same lab in Alabama and transferred to Maine for intensive testing until she finally escaped when a mysterious green haze began to cover Maine. We believe she spent some time with the Munckins before finding me but have not been able to verify that little tidbit yet. But she does seem to have a fascination with green witches and Oz.

Thats my story and Im sticking to it!

Carrie F Hill
Fugitive at large


Stepping off the edge said...

Great Googley Moogley - that explains alot!

Carrie said...

geee for some reason I seem to relate with this bio. It seems to tug at my memory