Congratulations to Our Winners!

We'd like to thank all of you that stopped by to play with us.  It was fun!
Now without further ado, here are our winners:

Debi  Minter from WY  ..........  wins prize #1
Caroline ..............................  wins prize #2
Vinetagepalleteart  ...............  wins prize #3
Bone*Head*Studios ..............  wins prize #4
Gaffergirls.com ....................  wins prize #5
American Alcala ...................  wins prize #6 
Sonia ;) ................................  wins prize #7

CONGRATULATIONS!  Don't forget to email us your full name and address, so we can ship you your prize :D Don't worry, your information will be kept private.  As for prize #1, we only need your email address.

Mischievously yours,

The whole mad gang


Welcome to Our Open House!

Oopsie - what a tumble!  Are you okay?!  Well, you are HERE.  I guess that was a silly question. None of us are "okay" here, but we are all adventurous at heart. You know if you'd stepped a little further to the right; you'd have found the spiral slide and could have avoided that nasty fall altogether. Oh well, you'll know next time. What's important is that you're here now! :D WELCOME!

My fellow Wonderlanders are anxiously awaiting your arrival.  We've left you a key and some refreshments on the table in the hallway of doors.  Meet us in the garden for tea. Afterward we'll hop a couple of flying cups and saucers for a tour around Wonderland. We want to show you our blogs, websites, shops, challenge entries, etc., but we want to get back in time for the giveaway.  

Oh - you haven't heard about the giveaway?  That naughty fish-footman must've delivered your invitation without the giveaway information enclosed. No more tarty tarts for him. Please accept my apologies and allow me to tell you all about it.  We're trying to wake the Dormouse now.  She's a bit sleepy today, but she's going to be giving away 7 "wonder"ful prizes in between naps! :D  Here's a list of what she'll be giving away to the 7 lucky winners.  You'll find pictures of some of the prizes by following the links below. 

Prize#1 is an awe-inspiring coaching session from creativity and life coach, Karen Cowles from Choose to Thrive.

Prize#2 is a custom beaded triangle pendant from the wicked cool Billie Sanchez at Wicked Oak Designs.

Prize#3 is an enchanted faery wand complete with activation dust from the mystical and magickal Valarie Endemann of Airiemoon Designs.

Prize#4 is a Wonderland-inspired  beaded bottle from the talented Barb Sanderson from Beadie Biz Designs.

Prize #5  is a mysterious bottle spirit from the mischievous Carrie Hill of Possum Alley Purdees.

Prize #6 is a beautiful sun catcher from the enchanting Heather Robertson of HB Seagems.

Prize #7 is an adorable rendition of the Mad Hatter from the crafty Tracey Kraft of Wadsworth-Noll Studio.

Don't forget to leave us a comment by midnight (Eastern) on 5/6/09 and check back to see if the Dormouse selected your comment.  Be sure to leave an email addy and your name if you can't be tracked back to a blog. Winners are selected randomly and will be announced on May 7th, 2009.  If you see your name listed, please email us your information (click floating bottle on the right side bar to email us).  You will need to provide us with your mailing address, so we can ship you your prize; with the exception of prize #1 (the coaching session). In that case we will need your email address to set up your session. We cannot be held liable for any lost, stolen, broken or unclaimed prizes.  

Curious about our group?  We are a group of mixed media artists that like to create all sorts of mischief while playing with various art forms.  We place very few restrictions on our art.   Our members love venturing into new territories, exploring new techniques and experimenting with multiple mediums.  We challenge, learn and share with each other. We have chat nights 3 times per week.  We have challenges every 2 months (our most current challenge slide show is located near the bottom of this blog).

If you're interested in joining our group; we'd love to consider you for membership (see join button on side bar).  We are a very active group and require that you post at least once a week.  Membership is limited, so only request to join if you plan to be an active member. (Prizes are selected randomly, joining our group does NOT increase your chances of winning). 

If you have any questions about our group, please don't hesitate to ask.   

Now leave us an interesting comment so we can keep the Dormouse awake long enough to select our 7 winners! 

Mischievously yours,


the rest of our members :)