Welcome to Our Open House!

Oopsie - what a tumble!  Are you okay?!  Well, you are HERE.  I guess that was a silly question. None of us are "okay" here, but we are all adventurous at heart. You know if you'd stepped a little further to the right; you'd have found the spiral slide and could have avoided that nasty fall altogether. Oh well, you'll know next time. What's important is that you're here now! :D WELCOME!

My fellow Wonderlanders are anxiously awaiting your arrival.  We've left you a key and some refreshments on the table in the hallway of doors.  Meet us in the garden for tea. Afterward we'll hop a couple of flying cups and saucers for a tour around Wonderland. We want to show you our blogs, websites, shops, challenge entries, etc., but we want to get back in time for the giveaway.  

Oh - you haven't heard about the giveaway?  That naughty fish-footman must've delivered your invitation without the giveaway information enclosed. No more tarty tarts for him. Please accept my apologies and allow me to tell you all about it.  We're trying to wake the Dormouse now.  She's a bit sleepy today, but she's going to be giving away 7 "wonder"ful prizes in between naps! :D  Here's a list of what she'll be giving away to the 7 lucky winners.  You'll find pictures of some of the prizes by following the links below. 

Prize#1 is an awe-inspiring coaching session from creativity and life coach, Karen Cowles from Choose to Thrive.

Prize#2 is a custom beaded triangle pendant from the wicked cool Billie Sanchez at Wicked Oak Designs.

Prize#3 is an enchanted faery wand complete with activation dust from the mystical and magickal Valarie Endemann of Airiemoon Designs.

Prize#4 is a Wonderland-inspired  beaded bottle from the talented Barb Sanderson from Beadie Biz Designs.

Prize #5  is a mysterious bottle spirit from the mischievous Carrie Hill of Possum Alley Purdees.

Prize #6 is a beautiful sun catcher from the enchanting Heather Robertson of HB Seagems.

Prize #7 is an adorable rendition of the Mad Hatter from the crafty Tracey Kraft of Wadsworth-Noll Studio.

Don't forget to leave us a comment by midnight (Eastern) on 5/6/09 and check back to see if the Dormouse selected your comment.  Be sure to leave an email addy and your name if you can't be tracked back to a blog. Winners are selected randomly and will be announced on May 7th, 2009.  If you see your name listed, please email us your information (click floating bottle on the right side bar to email us).  You will need to provide us with your mailing address, so we can ship you your prize; with the exception of prize #1 (the coaching session). In that case we will need your email address to set up your session. We cannot be held liable for any lost, stolen, broken or unclaimed prizes.  

Curious about our group?  We are a group of mixed media artists that like to create all sorts of mischief while playing with various art forms.  We place very few restrictions on our art.   Our members love venturing into new territories, exploring new techniques and experimenting with multiple mediums.  We challenge, learn and share with each other. We have chat nights 3 times per week.  We have challenges every 2 months (our most current challenge slide show is located near the bottom of this blog).

If you're interested in joining our group; we'd love to consider you for membership (see join button on side bar).  We are a very active group and require that you post at least once a week.  Membership is limited, so only request to join if you plan to be an active member. (Prizes are selected randomly, joining our group does NOT increase your chances of winning). 

If you have any questions about our group, please don't hesitate to ask.   

Now leave us an interesting comment so we can keep the Dormouse awake long enough to select our 7 winners! 

Mischievously yours,


the rest of our members :)


Sonia ;) said...

Hi posting comment.....LOL...me me me ....

Sonia ;)

WickedOakDesigns said...

I can't wait to see who wins. We are going to have some lucky people in the next 24 hours.

Debi Minter from WY said...

What an absolutely cool idea! I LOVE this place! I clicked on a link at a blog I read a lot and here I am. My hair settled back into place after falling down that L*O*N*G hole! This sounds like a very special place and an enchanting group of mythical people. I think I must join! I love to laugh and bring joy to others (I'm also known to throw a curve ball once in a while too!)
I'd LOVE to win a prize!

Mischief Makers said...

Woohoo - it's time to party!

Sonia wins the early bird worm - lol.

Alice :)
:::dressing Dinah for the party:::

Carrie said...

Welcome to the party. Watch out for Alice she has had too much punch

Carrie said...

I have to apologize. Alice didnt have too much punch. She ate too many shrooms. I tink it's gonna be a longgggggggggg party.

WickedOakDesigns said...

Heehee, I think Alice has been spending too much time with the Caterpillar. Heehee

mymagicdreams said...

Whoa! That last bump at the bottom of the hole was a real doozy! Hey, thanks for inviting me! I brought my furry friends Lexi and Arrwen and they promise to behave! Now that we are all dusted off I have to say Wow! This is really a special place and there are so many interesting things to see! I am not an artist, well in my heart I am, but you magickal ladies! Look what you have created here! It would seem you have been very busy creating the enchanting and imaginative place you would like to see in the world! Yay! Good for you! Oops-Alice just went by, she does seem a little unsteady! I too am a little thirsty from my travel down so I am going to join the party and find a spot of tea-think I will wait on the punch until later. I see ArieMoon over there, I want to say hi and then maybe she will introduce me to Dormouse! I am so excited about the prizes she is going to give away! Thanks again for inviting us! It is going to be an interesting day and I am ready to play!

Mischief Makers said...

If Mad Hatter asks you how many lumps you'd like, tell him none - thank you very much. It's not the punch or the shrooms making me so dizzy. It's the lumps I'm taking from Hatter! ;)

Mischief Makers said...

You need to leave a name and email addy, so we can find you if you win.

mymagicdreams said...

Oh, I see. Thanks for the warning on the lumps! The little bottle(on the sidebar) didn't work for me, my electrical friend is so picky about things like that, so I humor her, after all, she does allow me to attend these fun parties and send messages to friends and write stories and poems. I sent my name and address from my own e-mail. Oh, I am sooo excited. I have my eye on that faery wand, but all the gifts look wondrous! To be lucky enough to win any of them would be so incredible! Oops-back to the party-have my furry friends spotted another of their kind sitting in a tree? I think so. They are asking me to come meet her! We're off-by the way do you have catnip tucked away anywhere? I have to watch my young friend, she has a tendency to get carried away and then start teasing any sprites that might be around and I want to hold her to her promise to behave!

Barbara/myth maker said...

What a fun blog! I love jumping down rabbit holes ;~)... Glad to see so many people down here!

WickedOakDesigns said...

Hiccup, Welcome one and all, Hiccup, to the fun. Enjoy your time here, have some tea, just not too much. Hiccup.
The Dormouse

Mischief Makers said...

Aww, there you are sweet Dormouse. You're awake... OH, DEAR - here come the Mad Hatter and the March Hare to make another attempt at stuffing you in that teapot. Quick, hide!
Alice ;)

Stepping off the edge said...

I'm late, I'm late... :o)
::where is that Dormouse:: hee hee! So glad to see so many here!

Raven gets the early worm! hee hee- I thought that was reserved for robins! woo hoo- she is taking over the bird world!

Jibber Jabber wocky talky hooey palooey- gibby gibby:

They told me you had been to her,
And mentioned me to him:
She gave me a good character,
But said I could not swim.

Mischief Makers said...

Good one White Rabbit. Hatter had a riddle for Raven earlier. It went something like... how is a writing desk like a raven? Don't bother guessing. The jerk doesn't have the answer :(

Since you apparently forgot the bundt cake you'd promised, I had to make myself a huge chocolate chip pancake to satisfy my chocolate tooth (it's right next to my sweet tooth).

Alice :)
:::biting into a chocolate chip pancake:::

Stepping off the edge said...

oh- but I did fine Alice- I did bring the bundt- It was chocolate and springy and oh so delingy! I placed in the hands of the one with the Hat- I can't imagine she took it- no I can't imagine that!
HAAAATTTTTTEEEERRRRRRRRRR! where is the cake? the cake that I brought, the cake tht was yummy and scrummy and wiggy and wought!
He sent them word I had not gone
(We know it to be true):
If she should push the matter on,
What would become of you?

gaffergirls.com said...

you guys rock...
thanks for the fun...


mona & the girls

Simone said...

I was busy with a Blog time swap and tumbled into here.

What a wonderful adventure

jbroze said...

I came to talk to Alice about the Faerie wand, but she was 10 feet tall! I guess I'll just play around and enjoy my time with the Mad Hatter!!

Valarie said...

Oh my! The party is in full swing! I would have been here earlier but I had a devil of a time trying to fit the Gypsy Wagon down the rabbit hole!! What a lovely tumble! I've brought a bouquet of daisies, loads of Faerie Dust and some hot-pepper & orange marmalade! I think I'll go listen to the flowers sing a while!

Mischief Makers said...

I love what you've done with your wagon, Val.
Thanks for all the goodies. You're too kind. Woah, watch where you wave that wand - I'm not in the mood to be turned into a muskrat again.

Alice :)

Valarie said...

Oh Alice! Dear, as I remember it you were having a lovely time as a muskrat, well, until Cheshire showed up...my goodness...! I promise to restrain myself- but I am drinking the Hatter's tea! Oop- change seats...

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Everything is so wonderful Heather!!! I was able to leave a comment on everything but the beautiful suncatchers,they are gorgeous!! and the lavender book marker was one of my favs!!

Anonymous said...

Helloooooooooo! :)

vintagepaletteart said...

Oh what fun! And thank you for signing up for my village gift shoppe giveaway too! =o)

Good luck to everyone that has entered!

craftmatic1 at sbcglobal.net

Mischief Makers said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lori :D
Alice :)

stoleawaaay said...

I stole awaaaay on the 5th of May....it took so very long to get back here..... Some MaGiCaL GyPsY WaGoN gave quite the WiLd ride..... but just as we made our way through the hole... whirl.. I had another calling......Now, on this sixth day in May, the Real TrIp begins....Surefire... the WoNdErMeNT within will guide my way.......I must hurry though, before I'm whisked away again....

America Alcala said...

Wow...I hope I'm not too late!Awesome! :)

Mischief Makers said...

Nope you're not too late. You're in! :D
Alice :)

mymagicdreams said...

Well all, we thank you for a wonderful party, but alas, the punch and the tea of the last 3 days have us tired and seeing things that aren't really there-or are they? We have learned new words and seen the most awesome things. Thank you for having us and we hope you will ask us back again for your next walk in wonderland! Good night all!

babalisme said...

You guys are awesome!! I can't believe your group!!! too amazing!! Ah well I hope I don't bore dormouse to sleep, wake up dormouse, and pick me!!