Challenge Me!

chal·lenge  ch alənj|
To summon to action, effort, or use; stimulate: a problem that challenges the imagination.
A task or situation that tests someone's abilities : the ridge is a challenge for experienced climbers.

Our challenges are intended to inspire/encourage our members to experiment with new techniques; rediscover old ones, finish abandoned projects, play with new materials and learn from each other's mistakes/successes.

Our one and only challenge rule is that challenge pieces be created using 2 mediums or more. It's almost impossible to create something without at least 2 mediums, so it's not a hard rule to follow. Once that criterion is met - anything goes!

Why do our challenges have themes? It's a way to create focus. When our minds are swirling with ideas; a theme gives us a sense of direction. Just don't ask the Cheshire Cat for direction/s. He's mad, you know ;)
Tips for challenging yourself:
1.  Be positive! :D  Attitude is key.  
2.  Allow yourself to make mistakes.  That's how you learn.  
3.  Ask for help.  
4.  Research techniques online and/or at the library.  
5.  Try something you haven't previously (colors, materials, medium combinations, techniques, etc.).
6.  Pick up abandoned projects and complete them. 
7.  Recycle old ideas. 
Inspiration is all around you.  Chase it, capture it and release it for the next chase!
Chasing inspiration, 
Congrats, members - we had 90% participation on our first challenge - YOU GO GIRLS!!!
- To view a slide show of our member's challenge pieces, please scroll to bottom of page.  (Warning:  Not intended for those of you with epilepsy, migraines or vertigo).
- To view challenge themes/deadlines or join our group, see side bar---------------------->

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